Sunday crafting

I have made excellent progress on the double wedding ring quilt, but sewing the rows together is difficult and not a little stressful. So…. Today I did what Steve does with writing and had a play, making what I wanted to sew for fun.


I pasted pictures of authors/songwriters I admire onto cardboard to form most of my power squad. I just need one of Steve as well and then I can assemble my Badass circle of inspiration.

Then I cut out and pinned and sewed four marshmallow bunnies in pink and green.

jennitalula marshmallow bunnies

These two are stuffed, just need eyes and noses now but look how cute!

Then I got hardcore and finished off my LARP cushions for 33AR…first another log cabin one with a massive devil’s trap on the back:


And then another one using the trial run I did over a year ago for the double wedding ring quilt. I appliqued the ring onto some white and painted a delicate bronze devil’s trap on the back.

jennitalula ring

And I made another littler patchy cushion and look how cute the cushions are all together. (Two new ones shown with the one I finished previously.)

jennitalula cushions

Wheeee I got lots done today!
(Also did writing for the Kirby High larp I’m running at Hydra and started organising the pantry and helped clean the kitchen.)


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