Sunday Crafting

Technically this is weekend crafting.

Yesterday I sewed silver ribbon down the outside leg seams of my tight grey pants, to make them more bad ass for my World That Is costume and also for just generally wearing.

jennitalula pants

Sewing ribbon down skinny jeans is hard, and it was annoying. Just in case anyone wanted to know.

I also have completed my first cross stitch project in a long time, a ham.

jennitalula ham

For more background, Ellen sent me a link to a website where you can make a cross stitch pattern out of any uploaded photo. I happened to have an MS Paint picture of a ham I drew for when I used to play EPUC so I made it into a pattern and honestly, the idea just made me so happy, I had to do it.

Then this morning I got a cute little frame at Trash Palace and look how well it combines with my wee ham and I think the end effect is very lovely.

Things I love Thursday

Acceptance. I think we all take this for granted – and I think it’s very easy to hide yourself, to hold back because you’re not sure what people will say.. if they will think less of you in some way, or you may feel betrayed – that you won’t be accepted for your whole self. Or that maybe, people prefer the idea of you rather than the actual you. (I’m sick, so this may not make sense). The point is, that when you open yourself up and show yourself to someone and they come back to you with acceptance, it is probably the greatest feeling in the universe. Accepting yourself first, and then having the ones you love accept you. It’s easy to forget to do!

Dawes – Love is all I am

New CDs. I may be a little bit in love with purchasing CDs so that I can play them in my car. This week First Aid Kit arrived and I’ve been blissing out on them a bit the past couple of drives.

Larp! Running them, being in them, getting excited about them, writing fic about them. It’s all fuel for the imagination, provides a bit of espacism, some seriously interactive entertainment and a fantastic way to connect with people. Either people you already knew or your friends you’ve known ages.

Smash! Chelle and I are enjoying the second season very much… want more… also The New Normal because it’s lovely and funny and feelsy by turns.

Honourable Mentions: Flannelette sheets, vicks vaporub, valerian root pills, laughing, photos of myself in costume, running successful larp, deep connections with friends, pinterest for inspiration, warm scarves, funny dreams, finishing books and starting new things.

Alt-J Dissolve Me

She makes the sound, the sound the sea makes, to calm me down

Saturday crafting

I’ll be at Hydra all day tomorrow, playing Sam Winchester and then running my and Paul’s superhero larp sequel.

So I did some crafting today. I did crafting last week too, but it was mostly larp writing and putting weather seal foam tape onto my windows so not very exciting, blog wise.

Ellen very kindly made me a cross stitch about Honey Badger. She gave it to me to mat so I did today, with a plain white back, batting and a purple stripe just under the aida.

jennitalula honey badger

Fuck yeah, honey badgers.

I went and bought a couple of new long sleeved t shirts to experiment with, ageing and generally making them look a bit more post-apocalyptic for the World That Is larp which is coming up in June. Using this tutorial I tea dyed them.

I dunno how well you can see the colours, but they’re definitely not white any more. Compare to the bright white of the rag rug! The singlet was only in very briefly..


I also made another wee jeans leg storage box and sewed red and white check ribbon over it, trying to work out if people would pay money for them.

Good advice

I had a brilliant piece of advice yesterday, and it gave me a sense of calm and comfort.

A ship is safest in harbour
but that’s not what it is designed for
you are free on the open seas

The first bit of the quote is more or less attributed to Grace Hopper, a real admiral who also (apparently) coined the term bug for things going wrong with computers.

My workmate sent this to me, with the little addition of his own on the end.

Don’t be afraid, don’t hide who you are. You should not be afraid to care, to show people who you are. Or to be vulnerable… although that can be the most frightening thing in the world.

Be brave and open, do what you want to do…what you dream of doing.

Things I Love Thursday

Love! The marriage equality bill was passed last night in New Zealand last night, which means that any two people in love can take that next step and get married. It makes me so happy, less discrimination and more opportunities for happiness, celebration and devotion.

Getting things done. I finished up the characters for Paul and my new LARP Kirby High Golden Jubilee, which we will be running on Sunday afternoon at Hydra LARP convention.

Anticipation. I got excited for the new post-apocalyptic ongoing LARP that Sophie is running, World That Is. I have an awesome character concept, an instantly interesting situation she’s caught in, and some kick ass connections on top of that. I even tried out my costume the other night. And it’s going to be way cooler than that when I’m done…

No Land by Delta Rae

Supernatural. The other LARP I’m involved in this weekend, I get to play Sam Winchester. My Dean for the game had never actually seen the show before so we watched three episodes yesterday: Tall Tales, Bad Day at Black Rock and Mystery Spot, good fun episodes.

Honourable Mentions: My brother, my sister, people saying awesome things to me, lunch with my favourite friends, listening to the rain fall while I’m snuggled in bed, flannelette sheets, finishing books, Easter chocolate and compliments.

The Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit (one of my character songs for World That Is)