Things I Love Thursday

I met a red panda, actually two of them. Seriously, red pandas.

jennitalula red panda

Wellington zoo’s animal encounters are amazing, I would recommend them to anyone. The red pandas climbed all over us, ate from our hands and made cute little snuffly noises. It was adorable. And the zoo keeper was awesome and informative and he got an electric shock… which, well it wasn’t planned, but it saved us from one? Oh dear.

extreme close up

extreme close up

Ellen and I made a timey wimey wall.. well, it’s just started but it does look good. Four clocks and a Dr Who poster.

Jennitalula timey wimey

Kids retelling Star Wars and then adults lip synching the scene. So good

The New Normal – I just, I think I have to say I love Ryan Murphy. Popular, Glee and now this show. Maybe I need to check out American Horror Story. Anyway, this is an adorable show, like Modern Family but with just the gay couple. It’s cute and funny and I love it.

Crafting. There’s nothing quite like getting a project done, or to the next stage (which is a significant step towards done), especially when the project is pretty.

Honourable Mentions: warm blankets, dehumidifiers, the Game Masters exhibition was great fun – I went to it alone and played on whatever game caught my eye as I wandered about, getting bookcases put together and then up in the craft room, new flannelette sheets, running the dehumidifier in my room and cuddling a pillow all night long.

In the hipster music slot of songs that make me happy this week we have Emmylou by First Aid Kit, a country song by a very talented Swedish folk duo:

…and Be from Jonathan Livingston Seagull. So much nostalgia from this one, remembering dad playing it on vinyl and then on CD later on. It’s so soothing, so relaxing.

look, just one more..

jennitalula red panda