Things I Love Thursday

Love! The marriage equality bill was passed last night in New Zealand last night, which means that any two people in love can take that next step and get married. It makes me so happy, less discrimination and more opportunities for happiness, celebration and devotion.

Getting things done. I finished up the characters for Paul and my new LARP Kirby High Golden Jubilee, which we will be running on Sunday afternoon at Hydra LARP convention.

Anticipation. I got excited for the new post-apocalyptic ongoing LARP that Sophie is running, World That Is. I have an awesome character concept, an instantly interesting situation she’s caught in, and some kick ass connections on top of that. I even tried out my costume the other night. And it’s going to be way cooler than that when I’m done…

No Land by Delta Rae

Supernatural. The other LARP I’m involved in this weekend, I get to play Sam Winchester. My Dean for the game had never actually seen the show before so we watched three episodes yesterday: Tall Tales, Bad Day at Black Rock and Mystery Spot, good fun episodes.

Honourable Mentions: My brother, my sister, people saying awesome things to me, lunch with my favourite friends, listening to the rain fall while I’m snuggled in bed, flannelette sheets, finishing books, Easter chocolate and compliments.

The Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit (one of my character songs for World That Is)

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