Saturday crafting

I’ll be at Hydra all day tomorrow, playing Sam Winchester and then running my and Paul’s superhero larp sequel.

So I did some crafting today. I did crafting last week too, but it was mostly larp writing and putting weather seal foam tape onto my windows so not very exciting, blog wise.

Ellen very kindly made me a cross stitch about Honey Badger. She gave it to me to mat so I did today, with a plain white back, batting and a purple stripe just under the aida.

jennitalula honey badger

Fuck yeah, honey badgers.

I went and bought a couple of new long sleeved t shirts to experiment with, ageing and generally making them look a bit more post-apocalyptic for the World That Is larp which is coming up in June. Using this tutorial I tea dyed them.

I dunno how well you can see the colours, but they’re definitely not white any more. Compare to the bright white of the rag rug! The singlet was only in very briefly..


I also made another wee jeans leg storage box and sewed red and white check ribbon over it, trying to work out if people would pay money for them.

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