Things I Love Thursday

Bircher muesli for breakfast. It’s like… it calms me down. It’s a really good start to my day because it’s filling and delicious and my body knows it’s good food so I feel healthy and light and yeah, calm.

Roleplaying Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s really satisfying to kill your friends. On Tuesday we played the second half of our In a Wicked Archipeligo game and my rebellious slave got free, started a revolution and killed the blood hungry goddess (Celeste) and the priest of the other god, who had kept me enslaved (Steve). It was a good arc and the story was shaped right and damn, there was some great roleplaying in there.

The Ender’s Game movie and the controversy around Orson Scott Card is generating some interesting discourse. I am really not sure where I stand on this, because I feel like… I wouldn’t want someone judging my writing based on my personal views, but then not giving money to someone awful is pretty important too. I love the story and I am desperate to see the movie, so I’ll probably go the donation route.

Something more silly… turkeys!

Speaking of donations, I like this idea to Miss a meal in May and donate to Kaibosh instead. They do good things.

Honourable Mentions: my new Boom! sweater, crafting, videos from the video shop, having ideas for stories and getting writing done, support and love and friendship, excellent music and good things to read.

No hipster music this week because I haven’t been exploring new stuff, but this is important…


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