Be kind to yourself

I think, every now and then, we need to be reminded that we have to be kind to ourselves. I’m not claiming this will solve all your problems, but it’s easy to get bogged down in day to day living, in feeling tired and sick, in feeling like it’s all the same day in, day out.

I know I feel like that sometimes, and that’s when I have this kind of revelation that actually, if I let go of those feelings (as best I can) and focus on doing kind things for me, then I can perk up again.

What are you denying yourself?

Sometimes I’ll think… I want chocolate, I have some over there… but it’s too far away and I can’t be bothered moving. Or, even worse, I don’t deserve that chocolate, I shouldn’t have any now.

This is kind of… really stupid thinking. If I want chocolate, why the Hell shouldn’t I have some chocolate?

Is there something that you want, that you could have if you gave yourself permission to? Why don’t you do that? Just, give yourself permission and enjoy that thing that you want?

It could be as simple as taking a bath, buying a magazine, going to a movie or playing a video game that you know you have fun with.

Deep down, what are your reasons for denying it? In my case, I have issues with permission, and being allowed things. My default state of mind is don’t touch! Don’t open that! You’re not allowed! Stemming from things I was told as a child, and also more recently.

Well, I’m calling bullshit on that. If I want that packet of mallowpuffs, I’m damn well buying it! Then I’m going to open them and eat them whenever I want to.

And that feels good to me.

Maybe it will feel good to you.

(I think this is part of a series, just warning you.)


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