Things I Love Thursday

Can’t Stop ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers

Can’t stop the spirits when they need you, this life is more than just a read through.

This blog post kind of totally actually yeah it really did blow my mind.

Treating myself. I bought myself a Lego Batcave. Because why the fuck not? I wanted a treat 🙂

Chore Wars is a website where you can create a character sheet, form an adventuring party with your housemates and then do chores for XP and Treasure. It’s awesome, and me and Ellen have already been motivated to do housework based on the desire to get XP. And you can add in your own chores, and one off tasks as quests. Brilliant!

Crafting is satisfying, fun and creative. I’ve been doing cross stitch and it’s so much fun to see the picture come together. Plus playing with colours is just fun for me.

Honourable Mentions: My Jess, sweaters, creme brulee, laughing, The Quotable Jenni, the Lovely Ellen, learning new things, new opportunities, sharing happiness and sleeping deeply.


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