Things I Love Thursday

two things kenneth

I have been working on framing my reactions to things with love… it sounds kooky, but it’s actually a really calming, happy way to look at the world.

Lego Batcave. I am really happy with this purchase. I’ve spent three happy bits of an evening to construct the thing bit by bit. I am delighted by each new thing I put together, the minifigures are adorable and the photos I’ve taken off the progress have been uploaded to facebook for people to follow along.

jennitalula lego batcave

Post from Giffy, fabric from Ikea and marshmallow chicks and eggs. I have some big plans for patchwork over the weekend 🙂

Vines! They’re like tiny comedy sketches, micro fiction videos for social media… and when they’re good, they’re really good! Some examples: When you can’t get phone service,Camp like a pro, Ultimate babysitter, Don’t mess with this guy.

Being brave, taking risks, putting myself (and my work) forward. It’s hard, and it freaks me out, but you can’t get the benefits without doing so. This week I posted the first three chapters of Rain to a publisher. And some other life changes are hopefully on the way.

Honourable Mentions: Chorewars, heaters, cute outfits, getting the hang of sourcing TV, pretty music, making something for someone which they enjoy, chocolate, roleplaying an angel, Monsterhearts, over 20 likes on a facebook picture and inadvertently starting a facebook profile photo trend.

This cover of 99 Problems from Fright Night is awesome…


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. ah, I fully meant to mention how much I love Soho Brown’s as well. Awesome food, great atmosphere, just all round lovely.

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