This too shall pass (into love)

A lot of people I know have been having a bit of a rough time. May (and some months before it) hasn’t been the kindest, and I’ve been activating a few coping methods for myself, some of which I had never used before and some which I hadn’t used for a very long time. Then last night I wrote this thing which… I think needs to be shared. I’ve edited it some to make it less Jenni centric.

This thing that is getting you down, aggravating you, irritating you? No matter what, or how it happens, the days that you have to endure it are numbered. They will run out and something new will happen, it will pass on or cease to be such a bother o you. It’s hard to remember sometimes but it’s true. This too shall pass.

Your loneliness too, sleeping alone and uncuddled, this will pass away and you will have peace. At some point, you will find someone, or someone will find you, or cross over the world to get to you and you will have them to hold, kiss, snuggle. The time is slipping away, they are getting closer.

remember to breathe

remember to breathe

Imagine, if you can, that the universe (or God, or whatever you happen to believe in) loves you. Imagine the universe will give you the best things you can, the things you most want if you trust in it. I can trust that.

Framing your interactions with people with love is one of the ways I can help the universe bring me what I need. It’s pretty easy, you just think to yourself ‘if I was showing this person my love, what would I do?’ and then you do it.

Framing things this way makes me patient, and forces me to be understanding to the other person. By doing this I can be successful, interesting and loved in return because the more love you send out the more you get back. I know it may sound kooky/new agey/silly but we’re all human beings and we all have the same basic needs. The basic desires to love and be understood.

It’s easy to snap at people, or be negative, or focus in on your own issues, your own suffering, but that is never fulfilling.

Think instead of the things you most want and trust in the universe to bring them to you. Do the best you can in the mean time.

I like to remember as well that I am surrounded by love and I find that the easiest way to remember that is to live it. Send out, give your love, react with love and act wit love.


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