Things I Love Thursday

Today’s TiLT is decorated with affirmations chalked on the waterfront on Monday.


Tomorrow I do something that I have never ever done before. I am going overseas on my own! I’m exploring a new country, I am meeting up with someone wonderful. I’m psyched about checking out San Francisco and also having a relaxing time in Idaho after that. I love planes, I love exploring, I even kind of love airports. Adventure!

My someone wonderful. Trusting in love and following your heart can be scary, downright anxiety causing but I also know that it’s the right thing to do.


Beautiful wonderful friends who do sweet things. Like a certain tall thin drifter sending me US cash and an adorable letter in the mail, or people buying my crafts and then paying me too much for them, or offering to deliver me to the airport and helping with the whole what to do with my car situation.


I’ve become addicted to a broadcast on Grooveshark, alt and indie music. The guy who broadcasts it has excellent taste, rather similar to my own and I always enjoy listening to it. Saves me having to work out what to listen to next, as well.

Honourable Mentions: roast turkey, catching up with my family, Chocolate, watching old Dr Who, hot food on a cold night, reading and writing fiction, people being lovely to me at work, clean dishes, a cold can of L&P, crafting and scarves.

Life’s for the living by Passenger

Travel crafting

I’m on the last side of the double wedding ring quilt, a handful of blocks to go but I’m running out of thread and also still need to bind it, so realistically it won’t be done before I go, which is very sad, but ah well.

I did get inspiration for organising my carry on for the long haul flights though, and made two bags to store things in inside my carry on.


Made with pretty Japanese bunny fabric from a past craft 2.0, nice sturdy cotton drill, this is a zippered bag for storing the extra clothes everyone seems to recommend you take. (So many lost luggage horror stories)

jennitalula bag

Lined with some pretty pale blue prints.

Then I took this old pillowcase I got at Trash palace and made a sleepy-time storage cum extra pillow.

aw yeah flannelette

aw yeah flannelette

I can fit my inflatable Japanese neck pillow in there, and my eyemask and snuggly socks, and I sewed a wee pikachu/piichu pocket inside for earplugs, sleeping aids and other wee things I need to keep track of. WordPress isn’t allowing me to upload that image, but I’ll try again tomorrow.

Dividing things into their own baggies should mean less pawing through stray socks and notebooks and things to find what I’m after. More organisation is a win, says I, and I’ll give a full report after the flight ;p

Things I Love Thursday

It’s raining and gusting outside something chronic, but I am home and warm and under a blanket, which is just fine with me.

Planning my trip! Each little thing that I get done gives me another thrill. I have a California notebook, a painted case, and some American money in my wallet. I did the online visa waiver and they said I can come into the country and I’m looking forward to settling into the flight and watching movies and snoozing and you know what? I even like airline food. I’m so excited!!!!! Also, obviously, Jess!!! Meeting Jess! Omg

Last week Ellen and I went to Phantom of the Opera and it was magical. Like, the performance was amazing, the music transcendent and yeah, it was awesome. In the programme we found this photo…


and well, we were inspired.



Look, I just still love these recaptioned spiderman comics.

Honourable Mentions: Catching up with old friends, baked goods from Nada bakery, vouchers for things I would buy anyway, Movies, good TV and sleeping late on the weekend, also warm socks. Fundraising sales, projects, interest, writing and stitching.

I love this cover of Get Lucky through the ages:

Sunday Crafting

I have done a lot of work on the double wedding ring quilt, hand sewing around the ‘melons’ and putting in hearts, petals and leaves. Again, it’s not very photograph-able so I haven’t bothered. My aim is to get this done before I head to the states so I’m working hard on it!

On skype to Giffy yesterday I finished this one, a quote from an Airborne Toxic Event song…

jennitalula love

Which I’m most likely keeping for myself, unless someone mentions that they would bid on it in which case I will post it up on Trade Me, because fundraising is good.

And finally I have started to paint up my boring black luggage. Well, I had a lot of Nightwing colour fabric paint left over and well, a black base can only suggest one thing for me….

jennitalula case

But keeping the whole thing Nightwing themed was more effort that I was willing to put in, so my second plane of the bag, the handle side, got a random selection of motifs, like so:

Jennitalula case

I wish I knew what had happened to all my paint brushes…

Long Haul Flights – a guide to making it super awesome.

I have had a few awesome things happen this week. This is about my decision to take a last minute trip to the States to meet Jess. I am leaving in two weeks(!!!) and that means I get to plan a massive trip, and work out the best way to handle two long haul flights.

I asked my friends for advice and was pleased to find much of the advice was things I already planning, things I’d worked out on my flights to and from Japan. But it’s always always good to get these things confirmed. The number on tips, for making your time on a plane the best they can be are as follows:

-> Aisle seat. Obviously useful for getting to the bathroom, and for getting up to wander about. Unfortunately I am a devotee of the window seat. I love to look out the window, and you can kind of lean against the side of the plane when it comes time to doze off. Most likely I’ll be in the window seat and climbing over people when I need to pee, but I’m okay with that.

-> Enjoy it! Seriously! Get into the mindset that this is a chance for you to chill out, gorge yourself silly on TV shows and movies and silly video games while people wait on you and bring you snacks and drinks! – excellent tip from Jackie. Mindsets make such a different to your experiences, if you go in expecting 15+ hours on the plane to be a Hellish time, well then… chances are it will be a self fulfilling prophecy. But if you frame it like a chance to catch up on movies and tv, take whatever things the flight attendants offer and just plain have fun, the flight’s going to be a lot easier.

-> Kindle/iPad. Save weight in your case and read as much as you like. I don’t have a tablet, but I do have a kindle, it’s loaded up with books and I went and added in the Harry Potter series and Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series as well, because sometimes up in the air you don’t want to challenge yourself too much and something you already read is the way to go.

-> Warm socks, comfy pants and a blanket or scarf. Keeping warm is always a priority for me, since I have lizard blood and get cold easily. I had a great outfit for my Japan flights, loose track pants, a soft long sleeve t shirt and a t shirt over the top, plus hoodie. I shall be reprising that outfit for my upcoming flights I think.

-> Identifying your luggage. This is essential, and I’ll be having some fun this weekend with fabric paint and my plain black rolling case.

-> Take your own headphones. I love my sennheiser noise cancelling phones, but I was trying to work out if they’d be too annoying to travel with or not. The number of people who suggested I take my own solved that dilemma for me, so I’ll be bringing them along and at Frank’s suggestion I bought a converter so I can use ’em on the plane.

-> Neck support. I know some people are torn on these things but I got a pretty good inflatable one in Japan which made it easier to be comfortable and sleep on the way home.

-> toothbrush, a little moisturiser to allow yourself to freshen up. I bought some travel wipes from Kathmandu which I’ll also use for cleaning hands and the tray table and things around me, just because why the hell not? I might decant a little moisturiser as well and my toothbrush will be in my carry on as well as some floss. Little things can make a huge difference to how you feel.

-> Bring your own snacks. I’m going to spend as much of the flights asleep as I can but I think I will still stash some chippies, muesli bars and chocolate to tide me over. I seem to remember one meal on the way to Japan that was far too late being served for my liking.


Now my biggest challenge is working out the best bag for my carry on. My laptop now is bigger than the one I could easily slip into my backpack last year so I’m going to try it on a few different things. I may end up attempting to make my own with many small pockets for things like headphones converters and things, but we’ll see! Maybe I have something I can convert in my vast array of bags I already own.

I may blog about my ultimate carry on kit, when it’s done.

Other tips from my wonderful friends: Get up and move regularly and keep hydrated. Worth taking your smartphone charger in carry on. Some planes have USB ports at the seats even in economy. Don’t have teeth pulled on day of departure. “Make fists with your toes.” Take the cabin luggage weight restrictions seriously – but know what you’d throw out if you are over the limit. To help sleep phenergan, eyemask & earplugs. Ditch your shoes ASAP!

Have you got any tips for long haul flight not covered above?

Things I Love Thursday

Karaoke. There’s nothing like belting out a song and having your friends cheering you on. And along with what is surely the definitive feminist kill joy version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, I also very much enjoyed singing Decode and My Life Would Suck Without U with Sophie (for maximum Calvin/Alex feels) and Ellen and I singing So What was the perfect end to the night. (Although fuck yeah Dick in a Box with Ants.)

jenni needlepoint

The World That Is campaign larp is starting on Saturday and I am very much looking forward to playing and finding out what happens to my character… Can’t wait!

My wonderful friends. Little things like texts and emails can mean so much, and I am forever grateful to have such lovely, caring and sweet people in my life.

The hilarious hilarious vines of Jerome Jarre . He’s just so precious.

Honourable Mentions: Jess ❤ ❤ Rewatching Glee and introducing Ellen to Fruits Basket, American candy, M&Ms, leveling up on chore wars, compliments and working on crafts, heaters and electric blanket, fuzzy socks and warm slippers.

The Wrong Direction ~ Passenger

Long weekend crafting

I love long weekends. I feel like I had two Sundays and plenty of time to get the things done that I wanted to. I did a bunch of hand quilting on the double wedding ring, slow and steady is the progress on this thing but it’s good fun.

I went through my bag of ‘to be completed’ projects and finished a couple off.

jennitalula sock angel

Sock weeping angel!

jennitalula hipster bunny

Hipster bunny baby toy! I had a lot of fun embroidering his little moustache, I have to say.

I also went on a spree of recycled jeans storage boxes and put some cute embellishments on them to make them a little more appealing…

jennitalula jeans boxes

I also did another slogan patchwork block for my self esteem/affirmations quilt.

jennitalula everything

Thanks to Sophie for this slogan, wise words indeed 🙂

Here’s the thing. I really want to go to America to meet Jess, and funds are pretty tight. I’ll probably take out a loan to pay the majority of the fees but I’d like to raise what I can other ways as well. I’ve listed a number of awesome things on Trade Me in the hopes that I can get some bids and make a bit of money for my projects.

If you want to help me out, please join in and bid on something! Auctions are here. It’s for an awesome cause after all ;p