Things I Love Thursday

It’s raining and gusting outside something chronic, but I am home and warm and under a blanket, which is just fine with me.

Planning my trip! Each little thing that I get done gives me another thrill. I have a California notebook, a painted case, and some American money in my wallet. I did the online visa waiver and they said I can come into the country and I’m looking forward to settling into the flight and watching movies and snoozing and you know what? I even like airline food. I’m so excited!!!!! Also, obviously, Jess!!! Meeting Jess! Omg

Last week Ellen and I went to Phantom of the Opera and it was magical. Like, the performance was amazing, the music transcendent and yeah, it was awesome. In the programme we found this photo…


and well, we were inspired.



Look, I just still love these recaptioned spiderman comics.

Honourable Mentions: Catching up with old friends, baked goods from Nada bakery, vouchers for things I would buy anyway, Movies, good TV and sleeping late on the weekend, also warm socks. Fundraising sales, projects, interest, writing and stitching.

I love this cover of Get Lucky through the ages:


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