Travel crafting

I’m on the last side of the double wedding ring quilt, a handful of blocks to go but I’m running out of thread and also still need to bind it, so realistically it won’t be done before I go, which is very sad, but ah well.

I did get inspiration for organising my carry on for the long haul flights though, and made two bags to store things in inside my carry on.


Made with pretty Japanese bunny fabric from a past craft 2.0, nice sturdy cotton drill, this is a zippered bag for storing the extra clothes everyone seems to recommend you take. (So many lost luggage horror stories)

jennitalula bag

Lined with some pretty pale blue prints.

Then I took this old pillowcase I got at Trash palace and made a sleepy-time storage cum extra pillow.

aw yeah flannelette

aw yeah flannelette

I can fit my inflatable Japanese neck pillow in there, and my eyemask and snuggly socks, and I sewed a wee pikachu/piichu pocket inside for earplugs, sleeping aids and other wee things I need to keep track of. WordPress isn’t allowing me to upload that image, but I’ll try again tomorrow.

Dividing things into their own baggies should mean less pawing through stray socks and notebooks and things to find what I’m after. More organisation is a win, says I, and I’ll give a full report after the flight ;p


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