Things I Love Thursday

Today’s TiLT is decorated with affirmations chalked on the waterfront on Monday.


Tomorrow I do something that I have never ever done before. I am going overseas on my own! I’m exploring a new country, I am meeting up with someone wonderful. I’m psyched about checking out San Francisco and also having a relaxing time in Idaho after that. I love planes, I love exploring, I even kind of love airports. Adventure!

My someone wonderful. Trusting in love and following your heart can be scary, downright anxiety causing but I also know that it’s the right thing to do.


Beautiful wonderful friends who do sweet things. Like a certain tall thin drifter sending me US cash and an adorable letter in the mail, or people buying my crafts and then paying me too much for them, or offering to deliver me to the airport and helping with the whole what to do with my car situation.


I’ve become addicted to a broadcast on Grooveshark, alt and indie music. The guy who broadcasts it has excellent taste, rather similar to my own and I always enjoy listening to it. Saves me having to work out what to listen to next, as well.

Honourable Mentions: roast turkey, catching up with my family, Chocolate, watching old Dr Who, hot food on a cold night, reading and writing fiction, people being lovely to me at work, clean dishes, a cold can of L&P, crafting and scarves.

Life’s for the living by Passenger


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