Sunday crafting

I’ve finished the double wedding ring quilt. I don’t think you understand… this is a quilt which has taken me over a year and a half from start to finish (with several months off of course). I have sewed and sweared and pricked myself with pins and needles and sung songs and yeah, it’s done now.

jennitalula double wedding ring

I am so excited to have it done.

jennitalula quilt

I also made a sock dinosaur for my nephew this week.

jennitalula sock dinosaur

It was hard to wrestle this guy away from my flatmates, so I think I’ll have to make a couple more, heh.

2013-07-25 20.58.13

I also bought a DVD/CD case and assembled it myself, then put it up and used it to organise the craft room. Ellen and I removed a couple of bits of furniture and did some work and the whole room looks so much better now.


And finally, at the warehouse today I found a neat multi-frame and I loaded all my American postcards that I got at City Lights and Book Soup and at Ellen’s suggestion I hung it under my ‘love’ banner and it looks great. A couple of them went sideways but I think it looks kooky and neat.


Things I Love Thursday

Right well, I came home and made a present for my nephew so TiLT is late today.

Pacific Rim!
It’s just a really good film. I don’t want to post any spoilers but… I just really loved everything about it. I have the soundtrack on my phone, and driving to it makes me feel really bad ass.

crimson typhoon

My new job is exciting and challenging and I’m testing things and they’re going live to the site and I feel smart and accomplished and I like it.

Craft, I’m getting close to finishing off the double wedding ring quilt, doing the binding at the moment! And I have a big plan to organise things with a brand new book case and then all my craft stuff will be way easier to access and life will be grand.

Honourable Mentions: Netflix, good books, writing larp, going out to see movies at the cinema, heaters, socks and sleeping. I am looking forward to sleeping in on the weekend, yes. Flannel sheets! Things that keep me warm, basically.

Sunday crafting

Today I finished hand quilting the queen sized double wedding ring quilt. Hearts and petals and leaves all the way through and it’s finally done!

Which means time for the next stage: binding the edges!


It’s my first time using bias binding for the edging, which is necessary for the curves and the rounds on this quilt. The bias takes the curves very easily.

It took a couple of hours in different instances, because my hips don’t like the cold and the crouching on the ground, apparently, but I used almost every pin I own and got the bias binding all the way around the whole thing.


That’s it all pinned up…

Tomorrow, I shall sew along the edge of the whole quilt, cut off the excess and then get on with hand binding the underside.

So glad to have this quilt on the home stretch! It looks so beautiful and will be so good to get it to its proud owners.

Baby Teeth – horror for charity

Baby Teeth is a horror anthology I have two stories in.

One of my stories is based directly on an entry in the thread, it’s called Dark Night. One of the things that came up a few times in the original creepy reddit thread was kids saying ‘it’s/he’s behind you right now’ and every time it came up I got a shiver down my spine. I wanted to harness that reaction, so I imagined a woman alone, taking care of her kid, and how very scary it would be for the child you are alone in the house with to say that to you.

My other story is one that I started a few years ago, it’s called The End of the Rainbow and is about the things I did as a child. I would go off on what I thought of as an epic walk, through the garden or the grounds of school, and imagine all sorts of amazing magical things that could happen. At the age of 7 I wrote a story about Pluto the dog appearing in my garden and taking me over the rainbow to Disneyland, I tried to go back to that time. Put my own memories into a childlike voice and explore a little of the child’s desire to go off on their own and have adventures.

I’ve been privileged enough to be able to read some of the other stories as they were completed and I can guarantee a few shivers down your back if you do decide to support us and pledge some money to get the book! Baby Teeth full of awesomeness and you should pledge it!

Things I Love Thursday

jennitalula LA

Las Angeles. I didn’t love it the same way I liked San Francisco, but I had a blast in LA. Hamish collected me from LAX and gave me an epic whirlwind tour of the massive city including the places I wanted to see (Book Soup, a canyon, Chinese Theatre) and a bunch of awesome sites on top of that. Pann’s diner, Mulholland Drive and Griffith Observatory being the top additions. A brilliant end to my trip to America.

jennitalula marilyn prints

Jess ❤ My gorgeous girl. I miss her like crazy.

The creepy children short story collection I have two stories in is crowd funding, and it's already half way there. If you like the idea of horror stories for charity, go here and make a pledge.

My new job. It’s a big learning curve, which is a little intimidating, but it also means I can tell when I’ve picked things up, and I can feel all clever when I remember how to do things. I have tested three things that have deployed to the live Trade Me site! Being a Test Analyst is exciting!

The universe being kind to me. On the flight to America I was nervous, and wanted to listen to my favourite music and the in flight entertainment system had the album at number one under alternative music. Little things, lots of them, happened over the course of my trip that just made everything easier. Friendly people on the long haul flights made them easier too.

Honourable Mentions: My Griffith Observatory hoodie (it says ‘peace, love, science’, Tacos Thursday, Mighty Boosh, Massuman curry, writing and editing, giving travel gifts to appreciative friends, reading, hot baths, electric blanket, heaters and clean clothes.

Things I love Thursday

jennitalula idaho

I didn’t come to Idaho expecting to fall in love with the landscape… but guess what’s happened? Oak trees and weeping willows and gently rolling hills with green crops on them. Watertowers with a proud I displayed on them, even the way all the shops have ‘go Vandals’ in the windows… Moscow has a beautiful bookstore with all sorts of neat things in it, and a video shop called Howard Hughes and the Taco Bell is also a KFC and, gah. I dunno, I’ll be sad to leave.

American fast food… look, it’s cheap and delicious. I’m especially in love with Taco Bell. I just love tacos so much and theirs are so gooood.

Jess and me in bright Idaho sunshine

Jess and me in bright Idaho sunshine

Travel. I want to come back to America… I want to spend more time in San Fran, and although I am excited about Hamish showing me LA during my 9 hour layover tomorrow, just one day isn’t enough time to learn a place. Plus New York and that whole coast needs exploring. I like exploring and wandering and picking things to bring home to my friends and taking photos of landscapes that are simultaneously familiar and distinctly different from back home.

Honourable Mentions: Walmart, lovely friends, internet making me feel connected even from the other side of the planet, my kindle, Funyuns, Barq’s root beer, ice cream, the lovely charming people I’ve encountered, playing LOTR Trivial Pursuit and cuddles.

Things I Love Thursday – 4th of July

I have a bit of trouble telling the time and the date when on holiday in the first place, but different time zones are apparently beyond me. It’s Thursday here in America, and I have a pretty low level cold, but there is a lot to love this week.

jennitalula pride

Managing to accidentally be in San Francisco for Pride parade. Talk about a serendipity! It was epic, and we only saw a small section of the whole event.

Actually I’m just a bit in love with San Francisco. Pretty Victorian buildings, the ocean, lots of awesome shops and the cable cars, trees, flowers…. I just like it quite a lot. And exploring new places is awesome, especially when I can find a good bookshop.

San Francisco

Being warm. Okay, maybe it’s a little too warm here at times, but it is nice not to have to layer up with jackets and scarves and stuff. I can wear my summer clothes and it’s fine.

I do love planes and I was fine on the long haul flight, but all my preparation did make it a lot easier. That and the two people on the row with me, they were friendly and chatty but not too chatty and I didn’t feel like I was inconveniencing them by going to the bathroom or getting food or anything. Human connections, they mean so much.

Jessamyn and me

Jessamyn and me

Honourable Mentions: In’n’out burger, swimming pools, complimentary bathrobes, new things, souvenir shopping, cuddles, flowers and sleeping.