Things I Love Thursday – 4th of July

I have a bit of trouble telling the time and the date when on holiday in the first place, but different time zones are apparently beyond me. It’s Thursday here in America, and I have a pretty low level cold, but there is a lot to love this week.

jennitalula pride

Managing to accidentally be in San Francisco for Pride parade. Talk about a serendipity! It was epic, and we only saw a small section of the whole event.

Actually I’m just a bit in love with San Francisco. Pretty Victorian buildings, the ocean, lots of awesome shops and the cable cars, trees, flowers…. I just like it quite a lot. And exploring new places is awesome, especially when I can find a good bookshop.

San Francisco

Being warm. Okay, maybe it’s a little too warm here at times, but it is nice not to have to layer up with jackets and scarves and stuff. I can wear my summer clothes and it’s fine.

I do love planes and I was fine on the long haul flight, but all my preparation did make it a lot easier. That and the two people on the row with me, they were friendly and chatty but not too chatty and I didn’t feel like I was inconveniencing them by going to the bathroom or getting food or anything. Human connections, they mean so much.

Jessamyn and me

Jessamyn and me

Honourable Mentions: In’n’out burger, swimming pools, complimentary bathrobes, new things, souvenir shopping, cuddles, flowers and sleeping.


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