Things I love Thursday

jennitalula idaho

I didn’t come to Idaho expecting to fall in love with the landscape… but guess what’s happened? Oak trees and weeping willows and gently rolling hills with green crops on them. Watertowers with a proud I displayed on them, even the way all the shops have ‘go Vandals’ in the windows… Moscow has a beautiful bookstore with all sorts of neat things in it, and a video shop called Howard Hughes and the Taco Bell is also a KFC and, gah. I dunno, I’ll be sad to leave.

American fast food… look, it’s cheap and delicious. I’m especially in love with Taco Bell. I just love tacos so much and theirs are so gooood.

Jess and me in bright Idaho sunshine

Jess and me in bright Idaho sunshine

Travel. I want to come back to America… I want to spend more time in San Fran, and although I am excited about Hamish showing me LA during my 9 hour layover tomorrow, just one day isn’t enough time to learn a place. Plus New York and that whole coast needs exploring. I like exploring and wandering and picking things to bring home to my friends and taking photos of landscapes that are simultaneously familiar and distinctly different from back home.

Honourable Mentions: Walmart, lovely friends, internet making me feel connected even from the other side of the planet, my kindle, Funyuns, Barq’s root beer, ice cream, the lovely charming people I’ve encountered, playing LOTR Trivial Pursuit and cuddles.


3 thoughts on “Things I love Thursday

  1. I’m so pleased you’ve found lots to love in my home country. There’s so much wonderful in Americaland. ❤

  2. PS You can get Funyuns at Martha’s Backyard up here in Auckland. Barq’s too, I think. I can supply as required 🙂

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