Things I Love Thursday

jennitalula LA

Las Angeles. I didn’t love it the same way I liked San Francisco, but I had a blast in LA. Hamish collected me from LAX and gave me an epic whirlwind tour of the massive city including the places I wanted to see (Book Soup, a canyon, Chinese Theatre) and a bunch of awesome sites on top of that. Pann’s diner, Mulholland Drive and Griffith Observatory being the top additions. A brilliant end to my trip to America.

jennitalula marilyn prints

Jess ❤ My gorgeous girl. I miss her like crazy.

The creepy children short story collection I have two stories in is crowd funding, and it's already half way there. If you like the idea of horror stories for charity, go here and make a pledge.

My new job. It’s a big learning curve, which is a little intimidating, but it also means I can tell when I’ve picked things up, and I can feel all clever when I remember how to do things. I have tested three things that have deployed to the live Trade Me site! Being a Test Analyst is exciting!

The universe being kind to me. On the flight to America I was nervous, and wanted to listen to my favourite music and the in flight entertainment system had the album at number one under alternative music. Little things, lots of them, happened over the course of my trip that just made everything easier. Friendly people on the long haul flights made them easier too.

Honourable Mentions: My Griffith Observatory hoodie (it says ‘peace, love, science’, Tacos Thursday, Mighty Boosh, Massuman curry, writing and editing, giving travel gifts to appreciative friends, reading, hot baths, electric blanket, heaters and clean clothes.


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