Sunday crafting

Today I finished hand quilting the queen sized double wedding ring quilt. Hearts and petals and leaves all the way through and it’s finally done!

Which means time for the next stage: binding the edges!


It’s my first time using bias binding for the edging, which is necessary for the curves and the rounds on this quilt. The bias takes the curves very easily.

It took a couple of hours in different instances, because my hips don’t like the cold and the crouching on the ground, apparently, but I used almost every pin I own and got the bias binding all the way around the whole thing.


That’s it all pinned up…

Tomorrow, I shall sew along the edge of the whole quilt, cut off the excess and then get on with hand binding the underside.

So glad to have this quilt on the home stretch! It looks so beautiful and will be so good to get it to its proud owners.