Sunday crafting

I’ve finished the double wedding ring quilt. I don’t think you understand… this is a quilt which has taken me over a year and a half from start to finish (with several months off of course). I have sewed and sweared and pricked myself with pins and needles and sung songs and yeah, it’s done now.

jennitalula double wedding ring

I am so excited to have it done.

jennitalula quilt

I also made a sock dinosaur for my nephew this week.

jennitalula sock dinosaur

It was hard to wrestle this guy away from my flatmates, so I think I’ll have to make a couple more, heh.

2013-07-25 20.58.13

I also bought a DVD/CD case and assembled it myself, then put it up and used it to organise the craft room. Ellen and I removed a couple of bits of furniture and did some work and the whole room looks so much better now.


And finally, at the warehouse today I found a neat multi-frame and I loaded all my American postcards that I got at City Lights and Book Soup and at Ellen’s suggestion I hung it under my ‘love’ banner and it looks great. A couple of them went sideways but I think it looks kooky and neat.



4 thoughts on “Sunday crafting

    • Once I got my head around how it works, it was fine, just very time consuming!

  1. I held it up to show my roleplaying group this afternoon and told them they had to say it was beautiful and that I’m very talented XD

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