Things I love Thursday

“When you start putting pen to paper, you see a side of your personal truth that doesn’t otherwise reveal itself in conversation or thought.”
― Anthony Kiedis, Scar Tissue

I’ve spoken to a few people who really hated Anthony Keidis’s memoir and I can understand that. It is kind of a cycle of ‘I got high, I banged a girl, I got high, I did a show, then I fell in love and had sex with a girl’ but… if that doesn’t bother you, or if you can look past it, there’s a lot to love about this memoir. Anthony has been through a lot of crap and he has learned (slowly, eventually) how to find peace within himself. I liked it, and I found especially the last chapter to be really beautiful.

I love my job. Being a test analyst is super rewarding and exciting to me. I picked up a case yesterday and then when I tried to work out the plan for how to test it I realised that it’s a really huge, super large case which will take ages… and that’s exciting because it’s working things out and making connections in my head and yeah. I like it.

Humans of New York is really rather lovely.

Sharknado! Getting a group together, attending a ridiculous Syfy shark movie at the movie theatre… eating ice cream… it was ALL AWESOME. Laughed until I cried several times, planned the table top game in my head, and have a great new RP character to inflict on people.

Diary of a LARPer is still going strong, curated by the lovely Ellen and with looots of submissions from me.

Honourable Mentions: rewatching Smash and reconnecting with the music from it, candy, craft, sleep, dreaming and warm socks. Ice creams. Chicken soup.

My songs are maybe not as cheerful this week, but I love them.

Love is Blindness ~ Jack White (covering U2)

Last Song ~ Jason Webley

Things I Love Thursday

When you’ve been laid up in bed two days it’s kind of hard to see the bright side of things, especially this morning when I really legitimately wanted to go to work but my head got fuzzy when I stood up for longer than the length of a shower.

Also there was a huge earthquake last week and it freaked me out.


There is still a lot to love.

Flatmate-Date with Ellen to Mother Brown’s and then Te Papa for the Warhol exhibition. Quite in love with two of his works now which I hadn’t been familiar with before the exhibit: Silver Clouds installation (giant silver pillows some helium filled, in a room with fans blowing. And his picture of Keith Haring and his boyfriend cuddling. I adore Keith Haring so much ❤

Spreading the Welcome to Night Vale virus love. It’s just a really good podcast guys! I loooove it.

My bedroom: Okay it’s not perfect, but what I have realised is that I’m happy to spend extended periods of time in here. I have lovely big windows that let in light and a view of trees and the sunset (right now) and I can hear birds chirping. The room keeps heat in relatively well and I have enough room on my bed to spread out the larp props I’m working on and still take a nap if I want to. Environment means a lot to me, especially when I’m sick, and I have a good one here ❤

Reading: It is such a simple thing. But when I don’t want to be upright and I can’t quite sleep yet, reading is the best. I have a lot of books on the go at the moment, but really enjoying re-reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Good old dystopian YA novels, eh?

I do not love distances much, or goodbyes but I am so grateful for skype, and for instant messaging. My Jess ❤ it makes her a bit closer.

Catching up with people and sharing my travel photos. I love to do it. If anyone wants to experience my travel photos, I’m only too happy to share 🙂

Honourable Mentions: Vicks formula 44 chesty cough syrup, my Pacific Rim action figures, new fabric, clean laundry, flatmates who cook, creativity flowing, new friends. Mumford and Sons, Welcome to Night Vale fan art, silly roleplaying and orange juice.

Things I Love Thursday

My Sweater Vest. Last Friday I had a sudden and passionate need to own and wear a sweater vest. I blame this on a couple of things, fan art of Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale, my love of Blaine from Glee and… it being a mild winter? So, I got a sweater vest and a shirt and yeah, I love it.

Roleplaying Confusion was on Saturday and I played a double feature of Monsterhearts and then Monster of the Week and it was bad ass and awesome and I loved both my characters and it was a great group. Definitely recommend it if you get a chance, I believe they’re doing it again at Kapcon.

Doing absolutely nothing okay so earlier this week I was pretty sick with a bad cold and I spent all of Sunday and most of Monday in bed. There’s something awesome about not having to do anything. I watched some tv, read some books, listened to Night Vale and napped. Resting is awesome.

Craft Oh and I got some craft done too. Finishing projects is like a wee instant boost of self esteem. And then giving the project to someone who appreciates it is so satisfying.

Honourable Mentions: Stretching my neck and getting a satisfying clunk or click out of it, hot milo, Pacific Rim merch, Pacific Rim, Welcome to Night Vale and introducing Blair to Community.

On Top of the World ~ Imagine Dragons. This song is just so freaking happy…

(Imagine Dragons are playing in Auckland the day after my birthday… siiiigh I wish I had money)

Light Up

Run by Snow Patrol

Have heart, my dear
We’re bound to be afraid
Even if it’s just for a few days
Making up for all this mess

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear

This isn’t a new song, and it’s not like I’ve never heard it before. But for some reason, this week, the beauty, the meaning of it has got through to me.


You maybe can’t avoid being afraid, maybe you can’t avoid being apart but… you’re not alone. No matter who you are, or what you’re doing, you are loved. You can light up, you can be extraordinary.

Things I Love Thursday


Welcome to Night Vale

it’s a podcast, it’s a weird funny podcast which is written to be like you’re listening to the local radio show for the town Night Vale, which is a very… very odd town indeed. It’s funnier than I expected, and I am very much in love with it. I have found I can do testing while I listen to it, although I cannot write test plans while I listen. I suspect this is related to the colour blue, or possibly the lights over Radon Valley.

Have a taste:

Reading and writing. I’ve been reading a fair bit, but the best thing is writing regularly. Not just larps at the moment, but fiction and fiction and it feels good. Even did my old bit of wandering around Te Papa and stopping at random places to write.

Actually.. Te Papa was a lot of fun. They’ve updated some of the exhibits and there’s a whole section of New Zealand in the 20th century and it was cool.

The Film Festival. It’s my smallest one in so so many years, but I’ve still managed to see three movies and one more this weekend. Lucky for me it’s been all good films and it feels good to be in the cinema and eating candy or popcorn and enjoying the feeling of being high brow.

Skype it makes long distance a lot less hard. Makes it feel like we’re closer.

Honourable Mentions: Tacos Thursday, delicious roast turkey, sitting down to share food with wonderful friends, washing on the line in the sun and wind, lego, Pacific Rim and flannel sheets.

Fall actual play report

{Game stuff I didn’t write up, for background: Calvin became a vampire to escape fighting for his life in a demonic gladiator pit in another dimension. Over Christmas there were miracles and Calvin got his soul back and also became human. The price for his soul is that he must fight three wardens and defeat them to keep it. When we last saw our heroes, he had defeated one…)

The game started with Calvin fighting a three story high troll – the second challenge (warden) he had to defeat single handed to keep his soul.

The battle had been ranging all over town, and had lasted around 2 hours because although Calvin was armed with shotgun, handgun and axe, the troll could regenerate, so every time he hit it, it would heal itself.

The others were following at a discreet distance to keep an eye on things, and had researched the troll and found there was a poultice they could apply which would stop him regenerating. Megan and Darius were fighting and bumbling in the car.
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Things I Love Thursday

Pacific Rim! The monsters, the Kaiju are so beautiful. The robots, the jeagers are fantastic. The soundtrack deep and moving and yeah I just love it. I love the way it makes me feel, and how freaking cool the whole thing is. I have ordered t shirts, stickers, the novelisation and two action figures. I regret nothing.

Finishing projects. I feel like I add this in quite often, but the fact of the matter is that it is incredibly satisfying and I get to be proud of myself and people say nice things. So, I really truly love finishing craft, especially great big quilts, and knowing that it’s done.

Tacos Thursday! I love my flatmates, they cook much more often than I do, and Tacos Thursday has quick become an excellent and delicious tradition.

Roleplaying. I hadn’t tabletop roleplayed for a while and then I had a session of Golden Sky Stories on Saturday night and a game of Fall on Sunday. Both were excellent, if very different. I had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the Shakespeare larp I’m in on Saturday.

Honourable Mentions: My Jess, Netflix, new DVDs, reading about cool new movies in Empire, hanging washing out on the line, my totoro onesie, photographs and my new job.