Fall actual play report

{Game stuff I didn’t write up, for background: Calvin became a vampire to escape fighting for his life in a demonic gladiator pit in another dimension. Over Christmas there were miracles and Calvin got his soul back and also became human. The price for his soul is that he must fight three wardens and defeat them to keep it. When we last saw our heroes, he had defeated one…)

The game started with Calvin fighting a three story high troll – the second challenge (warden) he had to defeat single handed to keep his soul.

The battle had been ranging all over town, and had lasted around 2 hours because although Calvin was armed with shotgun, handgun and axe, the troll could regenerate, so every time he hit it, it would heal itself.

The others were following at a discreet distance to keep an eye on things, and had researched the troll and found there was a poultice they could apply which would stop him regenerating. Megan and Darius were fighting and bumbling in the car.

One of the ingredients, the one they were missing, was the tears of a fatherless child, and to get those Alex punched Megan in the arm.

Calvin shot the troll in the testicles, because it was standing over him, and then scaled a building trying to get to higher ground and not be stomped. The troll was vicious, punching at him, tearing balconies off the building and telling him he was a thief and if he surrendered the soul he wouldn’t have to die.

Calvin refused, the troll punched the building and weakened the roof just as Calvin reached it, Alex drove Kermit between the trolls legs to distract it some, giving Calvin time to stand up and bring his shotgun up to shoot the troll in the eye.

The troll kicked Kermit, Megan, Darius and Alex escaping just in time, and Kermit sailed through the air, hit a bunch of things and is probably written off.

While it was distracted, healing its eye, he ran across the rooftops to get to the army surplus store. Megan noticed a figure at the end of the street – Calvin’s father – and went to help him, he was being ridden by a mostly invisible tentacle-y thing which was causing bits of him to disappear. Horrifying. Darius and Megan went to work on helping him as Alex followed Calvin with the poultice.

Calvin and Alex had a brief moment on the roof, she gave him the poultice and some words of encouragement before he went down to the army supply store. Calvin broke in only to be threatened by a gun by the supply store owner
“back off man, this is the front line!”
Calvin: “I AM the front line! You need to give me some weapons and then I’ll kill the troll!”

this was convincing enough for the guy to give Calvin what he wanted: grenades and a grenade launcher. Calvin ran outside to see the troll just coming around the corner. He ran at the troll, went between it’s feet, slapped the poultice on one ankle and kept running. The troll slapped him away, Alex saw and leapt down to be the cushion between Calvin and the side of a building, reducing his harm massively. She did this twice more as Calvin and the troll fought inside a bar, Calvin shot a grenade down the troll’s throat and hacked it’s hand off with his axe (it was holding him and squeezing) (Calvin should have taken massive amounts of harm, but I’ve switched him to a Hard Case playbook and they have an awesome move where you can wipe out all harm with one luck so I used that)

it fell down and was dying but Calvin double tapped it, throwing another grenade inside it to be sure.

Alex was crushed under the rubble of the bar’s roof being torn up and Calvin dug her out, Megan and Darius had come to help, leaving Jeffrey Grant alone in a ‘safe’ place out of the way. Abby arrives with a marine and the marine offers to do first aid on Alex. He pushes Calvin aside and Calvin stares him down saying ‘don’t push me’ and the guy’s just seen him lay out a massive troll so there’s a grudging respect there and they grunt at each other.

They offer to take Alex to the hospital but Calvin insists on her going in an ambulance, so he can ride with her. At the hospital she recovers quicker than the doctors expect and Calvin gets his ribs strapped up.

Meanwhile there is body horror with Darius and Megan discovering that the invisible thing on Jeffrey Grant’s back is causing his body parts to disappear and he is without arms and eyes. Megan uses her ipad with scanned magic books to find a banishing spell, only they need three people to cast it. They head to the magic shop and when Carmen won’t immediately agree to stop the clearly dark magic creature from punishing Jeffrey, Darius threatens her with a gun and she tells them she’ll help but they can never come back. Once the beastie is gone Jeffrey stabilises but he’s still missing all those body parts, they get him taken to the hospital and call Alex to tell her what happened.

Alex, who has woken up and showered while Calvin chugs coffee and finds her spare clothes from the lost and found, breaks the news to Calvin who can’t quite process it. She also lets him know that Kermit is likely destroyed, they embrace and Calvin – remarkably circumspect – says that the important thing is that they both survived, because he wasn’t sure he was going to.

Darius has a vision of the future, huge scrape marks on the hospital and calls Alex to give her the warning. Calvin’s senses start tingling and outside there is a super massive dragon. Steve described it as a couple of buildings by a couple of streets. Concerned for the damage to the hospital and the patients, Calvin grabbed a fire axe and ran for the roof, Alex rushed downstairs to the ambulance where Calvin had stashed his other weaponry.

Darius has the brilliant idea to give Calvin a magical weapon and enchants a dustbin lid to be a shield, meanwhile Megan does research and discover that it is a specific Russian dragon and he needed to be hit with a weapon bathed in the fires of a hellmouth in order to be killed (I just realised Steve kept mentioning bracelets that I could have maybe hacked off and stopped the wardens caring but whatever)

The dragon is huge, flapping over the hospital and staring at Calvin, it hisses at him to surrender and he says nope. Alex and Darius give him weapons and a shield and Alex, after saying she loves Calvin and believes in him she advises him to run and draw it away from the hospital. Calvin agrees and makes for the fire escape, Alex tried some kind of distraction I think and then ran off with Darius.

The dragon attacked ferociously, picking up the housing of the top of the elevator shaft and trying to drop it onto Calvin. He’d got two stories down and ducked back inside the building to evade that. The dragon pursued, tearing open parts of the hospital to get to him. After a moment dashing towards the internal stairs and realising the dragon was just going to keep following, Calvin said fuck it, turned and ran towards the dragon instead, leaping up it’s face and taking up position on the back of its head, it withdrew from the hospital and started to fly.

Darius, Megan and Alex went driving in a stolen ambulance to track down the hellmouth, which Darius located at the top of lover’s lane, the same spot he’d once had a massive magical tantrum. They called Abby to ask for more advanced weaponry to enchant and she agreed to loan them a rocket launcher. They set up the ritual and enhanced Alex’s machete, Cassie’s little force dagger thing, a rocket launcher and a rocket. The condition was that they could take Alex to their labs and examine her closely.

Calvin wedged himself in between scales at the back of the dragon’s neck, using his axe to dig in and clinging on as the dragon flew higher and higher and started doing rolls and loops. He managed to hang on, and once it leveled out – heading back to the town to target a building and cause more damage – he attacked, hacking his axe into a more tender looking spot where the wings meet the back. The dragon cried out and banked, the damage to the building was reduced. Calvin shifted further down to hack some more as the dragon aimed towards the river, presumably intending to immerse itself in the water and drown him. Rolled well on that one and the dragon was hurt, starting to keel and fly erratically. Calvin took the chance to bail out and jumped from the dragon to the river.

Just at that moment Darius and the others were arguing over how to get weapons to Calvin while he was airborne and D realised he could teleport Calvin away. He set up to do this and managed to time it perfectly. The dragon was bearing down on Calvin with its mouth open and he fired his shotgun into its mouth, Darius teleported him right before he got flamed. On the hilltop all of a sudden Calvin asked if he’d died and the others told him he was fine and gave him the enchanted weapons. Alex and Calvin shared another quick moment as the dragon made it’s way over the town, flame spurting from its tail and setting buildings alight. Calvin lined up the rocket launcher and yelled at Darius to get out of the way (he was watching in awe, with the shield for protection). D refused to move, Alex tackled him out of the way and Calvin fired the mystical rocket into the dragon’s mouth. It collided, dying, with the hill and those on the hill were thrown aside.

Determined not to be surprised, Calvin climbed up on top of the dragon and hacked it into pieces with the machete. Eventually Alex interrupted him and assured him that he’d done it, it was really done and he’d won and was keeping his soul. She also told him that she was going with Abby. Calvin pointed out that he could kill all the marines that were there and she told him no. They had a tender moment and he walked her to the helicopter and glared at that one marine, telling him and Abby that Alex was coming back in one piece or else. They sort of laughed it off except Calvin repeated it with the same forcefulness and they said yes okay, she’s coming back in one piece.

Alex took off in the helicopter and Darius, Megan and Calvin were left behind. Calvin thanked them for their help, and then said he needed to see his father.

Darius, who had been feeling very at home on the hellmouth on top of the hill, was sad to leave it behind. They suggested Calvin drive the ambulance but by this time the adrenaline had worn off and he was shaking. Calvin climbed into the back of the ambulance and lost it, crying and shaking, curled in a fetal position. Megan awkwardly tried to comfort him and Darius drove the ambulance to the hospital, a creepy wicked smile appearing on his face as he watched the hill top recede in the rear view mirror.


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