Things I Love Thursday


Welcome to Night Vale

it’s a podcast, it’s a weird funny podcast which is written to be like you’re listening to the local radio show for the town Night Vale, which is a very… very odd town indeed. It’s funnier than I expected, and I am very much in love with it. I have found I can do testing while I listen to it, although I cannot write test plans while I listen. I suspect this is related to the colour blue, or possibly the lights over Radon Valley.

Have a taste:

Reading and writing. I’ve been reading a fair bit, but the best thing is writing regularly. Not just larps at the moment, but fiction and fiction and it feels good. Even did my old bit of wandering around Te Papa and stopping at random places to write.

Actually.. Te Papa was a lot of fun. They’ve updated some of the exhibits and there’s a whole section of New Zealand in the 20th century and it was cool.

The Film Festival. It’s my smallest one in so so many years, but I’ve still managed to see three movies and one more this weekend. Lucky for me it’s been all good films and it feels good to be in the cinema and eating candy or popcorn and enjoying the feeling of being high brow.

Skype it makes long distance a lot less hard. Makes it feel like we’re closer.

Honourable Mentions: Tacos Thursday, delicious roast turkey, sitting down to share food with wonderful friends, washing on the line in the sun and wind, lego, Pacific Rim and flannel sheets.

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