Things I love Thursday

“When you start putting pen to paper, you see a side of your personal truth that doesn’t otherwise reveal itself in conversation or thought.”
― Anthony Kiedis, Scar Tissue

I’ve spoken to a few people who really hated Anthony Keidis’s memoir and I can understand that. It is kind of a cycle of ‘I got high, I banged a girl, I got high, I did a show, then I fell in love and had sex with a girl’ but… if that doesn’t bother you, or if you can look past it, there’s a lot to love about this memoir. Anthony has been through a lot of crap and he has learned (slowly, eventually) how to find peace within himself. I liked it, and I found especially the last chapter to be really beautiful.

I love my job. Being a test analyst is super rewarding and exciting to me. I picked up a case yesterday and then when I tried to work out the plan for how to test it I realised that it’s a really huge, super large case which will take ages… and that’s exciting because it’s working things out and making connections in my head and yeah. I like it.

Humans of New York is really rather lovely.

Sharknado! Getting a group together, attending a ridiculous Syfy shark movie at the movie theatre… eating ice cream… it was ALL AWESOME. Laughed until I cried several times, planned the table top game in my head, and have a great new RP character to inflict on people.

Diary of a LARPer is still going strong, curated by the lovely Ellen and with looots of submissions from me.

Honourable Mentions: rewatching Smash and reconnecting with the music from it, candy, craft, sleep, dreaming and warm socks. Ice creams. Chicken soup.

My songs are maybe not as cheerful this week, but I love them.

Love is Blindness ~ Jack White (covering U2)

Last Song ~ Jason Webley


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