mapping your own brain

Throwaway comment today from the lovely Caitlin in relation to a dream I had last night… she said she wanted to go to an amusement park based on my brain.

I kind of like the idea of mapping out your brain in the manner of an amusement park. I may try and draw a map or something, but for now a little self reflection.

Based on my dream this morning, the shopping section of the Jenni’s Mind park would be decorated with sparkly fish kites and there’d be people dressed in sequinned fish person costumes advertising the shops and drawing people in.

There would be lots of movie and TV themed attractions, but.. that kind of thing’s already covered in existing amusement parks. Suffice to say, if I was building this tomorrow, there’d be Pacific Rim and Welcome to Night Vale districts.

Monsters, lots of strange and cuddly monsters and fae, vampires and werewolves, giant monsters and giant skarks and weird stuff going on. T Rexes, dinosaurs. Maybe a Jurassic Park style boat ride where you go past dinosaurs, that would be cool.

Some kind of emo teen supernatural romance themed section of the park. People could sit around in cafes and moon at each other, or go to the beach and stare moodily into the middle distance.

But the overall theme of the whole park would be love. I try very hard to frame my interactions to people with love, and it would make sense that the whole park would encourage people to feel good about themselves, and to treat other people well. There would be quotes on pavers in the footpath, like in Jack Kerouac Lane in San Francisco, places where you can connect with strangers like this and places to make collaborate art and crafts.

Heh, funny little exercise but interesting challenge to my self perception.


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