Things I Love Thursday

One piece of advice, although honestly, that whole blog. Humans of New York opens up my heart and I find myself loving total strangers just based on a picture and a quote… so, I recommend it. It kind of feels like it’s reminding me to think about things outside of my own head, and to accept people.

I asked my friends for more music again and I thoroughly enjoyed their suggestions. I’m all about people recommending me songs now, so please go ahead and do it here too if you want? I made this playlist and also this playlist with heavy support from lovely people.

People. Okay so this relates to the above very strongly, but I had a super-social Saturday which reminded me that I am an extrovert and I do get energy from being around people. Catching up with old friends and making new ones, enjoying Chinese food and (at a different event) alcoholic ginger beer, and then roleplaying with a new group. It’s good for my soul.

Honourable Mentions:Wispa bars from Mighty Mart, dreaming of delicious French cuisine, excellent comics and graphic novels, doing new things, lego minifigures, my awesome new glasses and their sun tint abilities, fresh burgers, receiving love right when you need it (without having to ask), cherry chapstick, watching tv with my flatmates, cleaning house, being friendly to people in service roles and seeing genuine smiles in return, being told I’m doing well and loving new music.

Another Night on Earth by The Veils


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