Things I Love Thursday

The graphic novels section of Wellington library. It’s extraordinarily well stocked, and the last three times I’ve gone in I’ve found examples of my favourite kind of graphic novel: the non fiction story! I finished an excellent cooking one about a chef in France.

Roleplaying as Calvin. I don’t get to do it so often, but I’ve been playing him so long that it’s easy to slip into the character and man, it’s so fun. Drama and fighting and getting to look skeptically at Norm and siiigh. It’s just a lot of fun.

Baby Teeth. The horror anthology I have two stories in is launching at the end of the month. I’ve really enjoyed recording stories for the audiobook, and the other day the Wellington authors who could make it got together for a photoshoot and everyone seemed very nice. I like publishing!

Music music music. I am on such a music kick right now. I’ve been making compilation cds (so old school) and listening to new stuff and omg. Music is neat.

kaiju kaiju kaiju! Pacific Rim comes out on DVD next week, and I’m excited. I finally framed the gorgeous Newt Geizsler print and hung it on the wall. It looks awesome.

Honourable Mentions: cake, sleeping, being comfy in bed, tasty candy, reading, watching good TV, looking forward to fun things happening for my birthday, new friends, old friends, gummi sharks, having awesome flatmates and Tacos Thursday.

Okay seriously dark video but I just can’t get enough of this song…

(Thanks to Amanda A for the rec, this song is a winner!)


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