Things I Love Thursday


kaiju jennitalula

Birthdays: I didn’t get as super excited about my birthday as I normally do, for a variety of reasons. But I still had a lovely few days of people hanging out with me, giving me things and something like 100 people wishing me happy birthday on Facebook. It’s a good way to be reminded that you have friends who love you, that’s for sure!

World That Is: I didn’t really know how this session would work, knowing only that I was starting in a position of being relatively screwed, but it went really well. Lots of opportunities to glare at people, deepen some connections and generally have a lot of fun. It really wiped me out though, I couldn’t believe how exhausted I was on Sunday.

Awesome outfits: I dunno. I don’t often care too much about what I put on because I hate being uncomfortable/cold at work, and I sit down all day which for me rules out a bunch of outfits, but I do get a special thrill when I feel like I look extra cool or dapper or something. I had this on the weekend as Drake, and I had it again yesterday where I sort of accidentally cosplayed Cecil…

jennitalula cecil

Honourable Mentions: good TV, lovely flatmates, lego minifigures, Disney movies, weather warming up so I don’t need to wear so many layers and washing gets drier faster and I like hot chocolate as well. Yes.

House of the Rising Sun played with Tesla Coils

and Lavinia by The Veils


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