Jurassic Park

My flat is awesome.

We watched Jurassic Park and then we were making jokes and suddenly the plan to remake it with my lego minifigures and various toys from around the house became real. We made up a script, Ellen did excellent casting work with my minifigs collection and we set up on the dining room table with my handicam and made a film.

This is the result of about an hour’s filming and several hours of editing. (My sincere apologies for the sound blowing out during the dinosaur attacks, we’ll do better next time, we just got really excited!)

Ellen as Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Samuel L Jackson, various dinosaurs
Blair as the T Rex, sick triceratops, Hammond and Nedry
Jenni as female scientist, Jeff Goldblum, children and random hissing

The script was collaborative, I did the filming and editing. The title cards are by Blair as is the music from garage band.


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