Things I Love Thursday

Roleplaying Fright Night on Saturday was excellent fun – and also I have been having a twitter rp experience inspired by a comment I made about Wolf Among Us and we seem to have drawn in another player and it’s making me really, stupidly happy every time I get a reply.

Wolf Among Us It’s been a while since I had a video game which sucked me in like this, but this episodic mystery based on the Fables comics by Bill Willingham is freaking amazing. I love it. It changes based on your choices, so I started playing the first ep again using the nicest possible choices to see what is different.

Sunshiney days and fresh laundry. This was my weekend. I washed sheets, clothes, quilts and duvet cover, and set my duvet out on the line too to be aired and sunbaked. Everything smelt so freaking good when I brought it back in. Ellen laughed when she saw me sniffing a quilt but she saw why when I convinced her to sniff it as well. So… so good.

So there’s this social media music website This is my jam and through that I can see what my other friends who are on there are listening to. And because of that I’ve found She & Him which is Zooey Deschanel’s band. They do the cutest videos and their music is all sixties style love songs and I love them. (Also I just realised that they gender swapped their version of “Baby, it’s cold outside” which means it’s the man trying to demur and the woman being suave and seductive, and I find that neat.)

She & Him ~ I could’ve been your girl

Also I just started listening to The Creepshow who do a similar style of song but all about horror and they’re amazing too.

Honourable Mentions: Humans of New York still, always, making CD compilations for other people, watching good TV, the fact that people actually said my flatties and my Jurassic Park video was funny, awesome new literary t shirts, forward planning for Christmas presents, craft and sleep.

Also… a bit of schadenfreude (I’d be exactly the same in this situation, which is why I don’t go to these kinds of things)

And a little reminder for all my lovely friends and readers:


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