Writing Wednesday

Book Launch!

I had a book launch!

The creepy child short story anthology I have two stories in had it’s Wellington launch today at the Quality Hotel. Four of us read out stories, and I was one of them. I was kind of nervous, it’s been a while since I read in front of people.

However everyone was very lovely and the other readings were fantastic so that gave me courage. I read my shorter story, the strange fantasy about a little boy looking for the end of the rainbow and people clapped and afterwards said it was good, which was very encouraging.

There’s something magical about people asking you to sign a book, because you have stuff printed inside of it! Magical. I think I’m a real author now? I think? Heh.

The turnout for the launch was really good, too, lots of people and warm conversation and yeah. It was a success!

You can order a copy here, if you wish to.


2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday

  1. You are definitely a real author!!! I will refer to you as one of my published friends. (nonchalantly of course. “I know some cool people. Yeah that reflects well on me.”)

  2. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it, Jenni? And you deserve it because it’s a great story. I’m sure there are lots more where that came from, so I’m going to predict that you’re ‘one to watch.’ Congratulations!

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