500 movies challenge

Empire Australia magazine did a 500 Greatest movies of all time list in their latest magazine. I did a quick count and I seem to have seen somewhere around 204 of them already. Some… some I’d half seen, like been in the house while other people watched them, or I couldn’t remember if I’d seen them or not.

What the list made me want to do was knock off the other 296 movies that I was sure I hadn’t seen, because so many of them were ones I knew I *should* see. You know. Like reading classic novels or something.

A quick pitch to my friends to gauge if I was being stupid or not garnered two basic response type: Wow that’s awesome! and: That list sucks/you’ll never get it done!

Also Gino pointed out that there were other more better things that I could be doing with my time and that is absolutely true, so I’m going to try and ensure that I also make myself time to write fiction and do craft, etc etc. This project will not take over my life.

I have a new theory about the purpose of movies. Or rather, the ones that I feel change me, somehow. The ones I truly enjoy and come out of feeling satisfied: The movie’s purpose is to make me love humans more. It should introduce characters and make me care, make me love them.

This is of course, shaped by the way I am actively trying to experience the world; with love. But I think it is true. As an art form, movies are made of moving pictures and for the most parts, it’s pictures of humans and the human experience.

Movies like The Woodsman have done this, and the amazing Australian movie I saw a preview for a few weeks ago The Turning. The people in these films may be flawed, and they may have had terrible experiences, or given terrible experiences for others but I was emotionally invested. And I loved them. The same thing is true for cheerful pleasant movies which are done well: You’ve Got Mail or Love, Actually. I think of Meg Ryan when she’s sick with a cold in You’ve Got Mail and I adore her.

So, even though a number of the films on this list are genres I’d usually avoid, or about things that have never appealed. I am going to approach them with hope. With as much openness as I can muster and try to see the humans in the story. Try to see what it is that other people have enjoyed, why they have voted for this movie as one of the greatest movies of all time.

So, soon I’ll do my first review update, I have a few ideas of how to approach them, so it should be fun. If you want to help me watch any of them or watch along, just let me know in a comment or email.

First up is number 500: Ocean’s Eleven. Maybe tomorrow! Depends if the internet is back on at home or not.


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