Things I Love Thursday

some weeks are harder than others… I’m not gonna lie. This is definitely one of the harder ones.

But that being said, when the times are tough it’s even more important to focus on what you have in your life that is amazing. What you have to be thankful for. To hold onto hope that things will get better and this too shall pass.

Creative motivation in no small part inspired by Neil Gaiman’s excellent Make Good Art speech (full speech here). I have found myself with more creative energy and I’ve been writing more fiction. This can only be a good thing.

Gardening .. since the weather has warmed some I’ve really been enjoying weeding in the garden and replanting. I’ve got a bunch of new plants potted up and inside the house, and a heap of strawberries to replace those of Giffy’s that died over the winter.

500 movies project. I’m only a few in, but it’s already been a lot of fun and lots of people have been asking about it.

My wonderful friends and family. Such love and support, it’s wonderful. I am so grateful to know so many amazing people, and to have them in my life. Every message is appreciated ❤

Inspiration. I like to be told that something I’m doing is helping, so when I was told earlier this week that my weekly TiLT lists are inspiring to others gives me a happy warm glow.

Honourable Mentions: $1 hire days at Civic Video, The Lego Batman movie (this is the greatest thing ever seriously), people saying our ridiculous lego movies are funny/cute/adorable, hazelnut chocolate gelato, monster munch, wispa bars, Georgie Pie, comfort eating (heh), looking forward to delicious whiskey and getting craft done.

Music: One Day More played on kazoos is pretty amazing…

….and this always cheers me up. Robbie Williams, Let Love Be Your Energy. It’s got so much passion and it’s such an encouraging/motivational tune, lifts the spirits


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. So many times when I’ve been having a terrible week, your positivity has helped. I love the way you always find something to love. Stay strong and hopeful! ❤

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