jennitalula needlebook

My good friend Cat at work made me an amazing Buffy quote cross stitch for my birthday. It says “Don’t speak Latin in front of the books” and has pride of place on one of my bookshelves, and I smile each time I walk past it.

One recent lunch time we went to a craft shop together and she mentioned she needed a place to store her needles, but the store only had very expensive options. As she is also blessed with an October birthday I had promised to make her something and now my opportunity had arisen!

Cat loves foxes (ironically enough) and a search through my stash turned up some adorable woodland animal fabric I had been saving. Pinterest supplied me with a good wee ‘how to’ and on Saturday I started and completed the project. Very satisfying!

It has a patchwork back, and I forgot about tiny seam allowances so I had to pad it out with some strips but they look good so I don’t care.


(Sorry these pictures are sideways, I took them on my phone and they’re fixed on the computer but uploading makes them revert? wtf?)

2013-11-10 17.02.09

Wool fabric rather than the suggested felt for the inner pages because my mum said so. I think it’s better for stopping needles rusting or something, but really, mum’s my craft guru and I don’t really question her.

I used velvet ribbon and a heart button for the fastening because I had them onhand and it makes it all look more fancy. Added another wee velvet ribbon loop so the book can be hung off something or have something attached or, I dunno. Just seemed like it might be useful!

Here’s hoping the lovely recipient likes it and gets many years of service from it!


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