End of Watch (2012)

End of Watch
Directed by David Ayer
(number 492)

Shot kinda amateur documentary style by the characters in the film, which is something I adore by the way. Chronicle, Cloverfield are two of my personal top 100 films. I love the style, the handheld informality of it.

Plus the movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal who I adore, and one of the female cops is America Ferrera who’s awesome. How did I not know about this movie?

Blair enjoyed it for the way it was like those real cop car chase shows, and GTA San Andreas. We both enjoyed the humour in the film a lot, and there is very elegant use of introductions which gave me an instant affection for the main characters.

I don’t have any idea how accurate this film is to real life LAPD experiences, but the movie does an excellent job of making it feel real. There are some beautiful shots of South Central LA and lots of great moments with the two lead cops shooting the shit in their car.

It’s hardcore, gross in places, nasty and full of swearing and it’s also supremely well acted, funny and pretty. I give it three thumbs up! I may actually buy this on DVD so I can watch it again. (Watching a rented copy)

Bechdel test: Two female police officers who talk to each other, at least two cholas who talk about drugs and also make out, America Ferrera cop argues with chola about smoking and backstory… this movie passes and then some. The female characters are tough, funny, interesting and detailed.

Best line: “Comfortable footwear, that’s what policing’s all about. Comfortable footwear.” or possibly… “The LAPD has a huge fucking dick!”

State of Mind: That was freaking awesome.


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