Things I Love Thursday

Feng Shui. With inspiration from Gala Darling I have started to apply feng shui to my bedroom. In the process I have been decluttering, and I’m not going hard out with it but

Dream/Dare/Do is an email programme, 31 days of emails direct from Gala which give you a framework with which to change your attitudes and your life. It’s been really good. Not too intense, but some things which I’ve started using immediately, such as yogic fire breaths and feng shui. I feel inspired and empowered, which is always a good thing! They are very female focused though.

Changing relationship with food. I have such an emotional relationship with food it’s kind of ridiculous. I’m trying to cut down on comfort eating but it’s gonna take quite a while…

Actors breaking character to laugh is rather adorable.

Honourable Mentions: dreaming about the future, spring and more light and plants growing, tacos, the 500 movies project, sewing, making things for Christmas, silliness, sleeping, hot baths, comics and Georgie Pie pies.

A little bit of a lol…

Please share a thing or many which you are thankful for today, or a song?


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Vege and flower seedlings have sprouted. We will have courgettes and apple cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, rainbow beet, marigolds, sprouting brocolli and dianthus. Peas and beans still to be planted because I need to dig them a space first.

    Also ripe strawberries on our plants already.

    And lovely happy boys πŸ™‚

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