Saw (2004)

Directed by James Wan
(number 499)

I was afraid. I was disapproving. I was sure I would never watch it.

But I did! It was actually not as bad as I’d feared it might be. It’s actually pretty clever and twisty and interesting. I’d had the main twist spoiled for me a while ago, and I knew a few things that happened in it, but I have to say I was pretty absorbed.

I do love Cary Elwes, which definitely helps, his voice is dreamy and his eyes and gahhh yeah okay I still have a massive crush on the Dread Pirate Roberts. Of course he’s playing someone else, but it was an instant access affinity effect for me.

I actually really liked the other lead as well, Adam, he was a good freaked out everyman, and the interchange between the two of them was believable and felt natural.

The traps and gore was pretty gross, but watching Supernatural has kind of given me a certain level of tolerance for that kind of stuff. The bits that had me squirming in my chair were the creepy puppet doll thing and the weird masks, the crawling and sneaking around people’s houses. That wigs me out a lot more than the complex death traps…

But that said it was tense, and my stomach is in a knot after watching it, and I’m glad Blair’s home because being alone in the house doesn’t appeal and besides all that I’m watching Pokemon cartoons to detox.

This movie is important because it spurred a whole genre of torture porn movies, and those make people talk. I guess it changed popular horror. I’ve universally been told not to watch any of the sequels and I’m not tempted to, but I may consider watching this again actually. Maybe. Some day.

Bechdel test: Yeah actually. The wife and daughter of Cary Elwes’s character talk a couple of times. Plus there was a pretty bad ass red head cop woman but she vanished pretty quick after flashbacks. Maybe she was only in flashbacks.

Best line:… Nothing comes to mind of this one actually… I guess.. ‘I want to play a game’ will stick with me? Not in a good way.

State of Mind: A bit tense, shell shocked… but impressed. The movie was better than I thought it would be, honestly.


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