Kick Ass 2010

Kick Ass
Directed by Matthew Vaughn
(number 496)

I’ve seen this before, several times, but when I went to try and write about it for the sake of the 500 project I found I couldn’t really remember the story beats or what I liked about it.

Watching it again it struck me that it’s a weird combination of a genuinely good, interesting real life superhero movies and being shocking for the sake of it. Like little tiny Chloe Grace-Moeritz swearing and killing people, lots of language use actually, for the shock value.

It’s fun enough, a bit of a laugh, but maybe I don’t love it the way I used to. I know the stuff I’ve seen about the sequel has turned me right off.

It’s fantastically acted. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe, Nick Cage as Adam West, Mike Strong and Christopher Mintz-Plasse…they’re all enjoyably invested in their roles and the movie ticks along because of them.

Bechdel test: Three named female characters but they don’t talk to each other. The love interest and her best friend… they talk to the boys, and they are shown chatting as they wander off together, but we don’t hear that they say. (Fail)

Best line: “I’m Kick Ass”

State of Mind: I’m feeling pretty whelmed.


2 thoughts on “Kick Ass 2010

  1. “Can you ever just be whelmed? Think you can in Europe…”
    Totally agree with your thoughts on the sometimes comic, sometimes OTT nature of the movie. Still a very good watch. Assume this means movie fails Bechdel test?

    • Oh, did I leave that out? Lol, shows just how whelmed I was. Yeah it fails. There are three named female characters but they only talk to the boys or it’s one sided talk where one says ‘hey’ and then they walk off together.

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