Another Year (2010)

Another Year
Directed by Mike Leigh
(number 489)

A movie about old people. About distinguished English people growing old. I’d not heard about this film at all, until I saw it on the 500 list, I like Jim Broadbent. I haven’t managed to see any other Mike Leigh films so I really didn’t know what to expect.

It’s a pretty standard family drama, issues with love and life and getting old. The film has a rather restricted colour palette of greys and earth tones. The acting is subdued, slice of life stuff.

I found it hard to connect to, the characters weren’t all that loveable. I mean, there were moments, and jokes and some cute stuff but it all felt bittersweet and hard. It seemed a bit long too, too much drawn out silences, and people having personal tragedies.

I dunno. I think I didn’t like it. Slow and depressing. It’s pretty at points, and it’s… about the human condition. But I can think of better movies for those things. Basically it’s a movie about people talking and also being miserable.

Thanks to watching this with Ellen I learned that all English people have identical tree houses.

Bechdel test: Yes, a few of the lovely ladies speak with each other, about smoking at one point.

Best line: .. no idea, honestly.

State of Mind: Urgggghhhhhhhh *groans*


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