Things I Love Thursday

wooooo I’ve been busy!

I really like this a lot:

Roleplaying: I’ve had some very excellent emotional roleplaying lately. Fall, and Ellen’s post-Narnia trauma game. I love that I have people I can trust so much to get emotionally deep into a game with. I am forever thankful.

Hunger Games movies Okay well, they’re not exactly fluffy bunnies and candy floss, they’re stressful but so very good. Beautiful and emotionally and yeah. Okay I cried all over the place, but I also enjoyed them an awful lot.

Dr Who madness

In the run up to the 50th anniversary there’s been so much neat stuff and so many people celebrating the fandom. It’s been a lot of fun, and last night me Steve and Norm went to a 3D screening of the special at the Embassy. It was awesome, I dressed as Captain Jack.

capt jack jennitalula

Mindfulness of emotions vs body. My body responds to my emotional state, and to stress. I’ve realised that the pain in my neck is largely because I clench my jaw, so lately I’ve been concentrating on breathing deeply (when I remember) and letting go of stress, which means the pain in my shoulder has been getting better. Emotions and bodies, man.

Honourable Mentions: Georgie Pies from Maccas, tasty ice creams, a cold refreshing drink on a hot day, waterproof boots on a rainy day, hayfever meds, aloe vera tissues, new creative ideas, costumes, laughing, christmas mince pies, excellent books and snuggly warm monster pajamas.

Using siri to get a date:

Song which is dark and poppy and I love it, This Could Be Love by Alkaline Trio

What are you thankful for at the moment?


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