Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Directed by Ang Lee
(number 497)

I have seen this before, I remember seeing it at the movies when it first came out, at the Paramount, and being blown away. I hadn’t seen too many wu shu movies at that time and it opened up my mind. The elegance of the flying during battles, the sweeping drama and the forbidden romance.

I’ve seen it since then, I’m sure I have, but I remember being vaguely bored last time and it’s been several years. Watching it again on a Saturday morning when I’ve slept poorly due to ridiculous levels of wind I’m reminded of how I felt the very first time I watched it.

The whole film is so beautiful, so incredibly well acted and so epic that I felt a little blown away again. The vistas, the colour saturated palette and the understated but utterly convincing performances of the actors making for a truly wonderful movie.

I feel so bad for Lo through most of the movie. (Dark Cloud), the bandit leader. He’s a classic ‘bad boy’ type, roguish and dashing, presented at first with his shirt mostly open and carefree, joking. He loves Jen truly and deeply, and he can’t understand why she won’t stick to the promises she made to him.

I love Jen, even though she makes some seriously shite choices. I love Yu Shu Lian and Li Mu Bai as the heroes who are really feeling their age, and the weight of their own previous shite choices. Their gentle affection for each other, and the way you never doubt that they will back each other up in anything. Horrible tragic ending ;_;

Bechdel test: This movie passes the Bechdel test over and over. Jen talks to her governess/Jade Fox and she talks to Michelle Yeoh’s character Yu Shu.

Best line: “When it comes to emotions, even great heroes can be idiots”
“If you believe it, it will happen.”

State of Mind: Yeah, I need to play Mountain Witch and Feng Shui/Read Across the Nightingale Floor and Bridge of Birds/Learn martial arts/learn to fly.


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