Things I Love Thursday

2013-12-05 09.57.49

Shark fins in the harbour again, Wellington is pretty. I love the colours the harbour goes…and then of course we had a stunning sunset earlier this week.

2013-12-03 20.55.46

Wonderful people. I’m forever grateful for the lovely people I have in my life, for the things they do and the way they are. I also love that when people I like leave my life, the universe brings new and equally wonderful people to replace them. I feel blessed.

Christmas: Making things to give away, contributing to collections for charity and doing leg work for them. It’s the best part of the christmas season, to me, that and being with people I love.

Honourable Mentions: my 500 movies project, playing Pokemon, talking to people about pokemon, hilarious LARP, channeling fictional characters strong than myself, decorating for Christmas… this entry is a bit hard today, I’m tired out and I keep being distracted. Please add your own things you’re thankful for below to pad things out šŸ™‚


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