Things I Love Thursday – nearly Christmas edition!

Christmas is an odd time of year. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t suddenly morphed into a Christmas resenting grinch, but it really is strange for a lot of reasons.

It’s the end of the year and people are finishing up work, feeling stressed/pressured to get things done and looking forward to holidays. We’re all tired out and that brings emotions to the surface, so it’s especially important to be kind to yourself and to others at the moment.

The other thing about Christmas is that there are lots of charity drives and opportunities for you to make a difference to someone you may never meet. I helped Emma take the donations from my workplace to the car for women’s refuge on Monday. She had an envelope stuffed with cash, lots of gifts for children and gift vouchers for teenagers. It was pretty magical, helping to load it all up and imagining the people it will go to. (There’s one more day to take gifts to the Warehouse for women’s refuge, or you can make a donation direct here.

Or just give love, the best way you know how, a la Jerome Jarre.

Friends who know you so well they can see into your soul and tell you exactly what you’re doing (which you can’t actually see yourself, sometimes, because you’re too close to it), friends who buy you ice cream or take you to blow bubbles out in the sun, friends who are brand new and sweet and lovely, friends who are old and endearing and excited to see you, friends who you should really catch up with more often and miss, but life gets in the way. I love my friends.

Honourable Mentions: giving presents, chocolate, fairy lights, prescription sunglasses, seeds growing in the sunroom, strong sunflower plants, soft toys, cuddles, Christmas movies, Christmas songs, Secret Santa and texting late at night, random RP on social media. Tacos Thursday.

It’s in the singing of a street corner choir

aaaaand hipster song of the week: “Night sky” by Chvrches


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