The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Happy Christmas Eve!

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Directed by Henry Selick
(number 335)

Ellen noticed that I have seen this movie once or twice before… okay so… maybe I can recite along with pretty much the whole movie… Maybe.

The first time I ever saw this was when my brother took me to it in the film festival, in 1993 or 4 and I have loved it ever since. I owned it on video I think and then DVD. The soundtrack is so very lively and fun.

There are many flaws, the portrayal of women, the weird abuse of Sally by her creator, and her inability to speak to Jack about what she’s worried about. But it’s pure Tim Burton and it’s gorgeous to look at, so many wonderful moments and weird characters that I can let it slide.

Jack Skellington is a wonderfully flawed hero, who is convinced that his vision, his passion for Christmas is more important than anything else. He’s an ambitious dreamer who gets utterly caught up in his own dream – in a way that ultimately hurts people, but he works to remedy this – and the whole experience gives him energy to pursue his actual job with more of the same passion.

There’s a kind of subtle – do what you’re best at kind of lesson there… don’t aim too high, don’t dream to big – but I think the key is that Jack is too caught up to think about what he’s doing. Maybe if he was more mindful things would have gone better.

Does it make me love the people? Oh yes. And it fills me with all sorts of spooky Christmas spirit.

Bechdel test: No. Sally’s really the only female character with any plot and it’s entirely about how much she admires Jack, but cannot tell him that she thinks he’s being an idiot or that she loves him.

Best line: “But I never intended all this madness, never
And nobody really understood, how could they?
That all I ever wanted was to bring them something great
Why does nothing ever turn out like it should?”

“Next time you get the urge to take over someone else’s holiday, I’d listen to her, she’s the only one who makes any sense in this insane asylum”

State of Mind: always love 🙂


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