Things I Love Thursday

Sunshine – okay so the weather has been a bit… on and off… a bit cold, a bit windy and a bit rainy, but the moments of beautiful weather that we get in between are so worth it. I cling to my optimism and enjoy the sunlight on my bed in the late afternoon. There’s nothing like being super comfortable and also in the sun, in my opinion.

let's become happy singing

750words is a website that gives you space to write. It doesn’t ask you to save because it does it automatically. It keeps score for you. If you write 750 words in a day you get two points. If you write anything you get one point. I’ve only been using it for a couple of days, for free writing and brain dumping but I am quite hooked.

My lovely friends who message me with awesomeness, or who are happy to see me, or who are lovely to my new girl.

Honourable Mentions: Having a special someone (although missing her is less than good), snuggles, adventures in my home town, gardening, the food at Martha’s Pantry, a brand new year with lots of potential for good things, animated gifs of cute animals, reading, writing, trips to Auckland, new Chucks and new possibilities.


Back on Belle and Sebastian…

I’d love to hear from you, what are you grateful for this week?


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. – Lovely holiday in Taranaki with Ivan and boys – Tawhiti museum, Dawson Falls, clear views of the mountain, waves crashing on wild coast
    – Container full of fun black magnetic sand from Opunake and Patea
    – Growing things in the garden… Kids have chosen SOOO many flowers that the veges may be a little squished
    – Parents who babysit
    – New parenting agreement and gradually reintroducing time to myself… an uneasy gratitude until we see how it goes, but nevertheless lovely to be alone sometimes 🙂
    – Brave little Thomas and kind big brother James
    – Kapcon is coming!
    – You reminding me to be grateful

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