Things I Love Thursday

Tumblr. Tumblr is much easier than blogging tonight, heh.

Having someone be so excited to see me again 🙂

– excellent roleplaying
– intense emotions and lots of laughs
– catching up with old and new friends
– exploring new characters and new games

It’s all good, I had a brilliant time even if I was completely exhausted at the end of it.

Wellington waterfront summer market! In between Mac’s and Wharewaka today some food stalls and a couple of stores opened up. I’m informed it’s running through the next couple of months on Thursdays, 12 – 8 and I had a lovely lunch there today sitting out in the sun with Hamish. Pretty keen to grab dinner there next Thursday!

Honourable Mentions: Tacos, fresh burger fuel burgers, pokemon, sleeping, painkillers, nice big drink bottles which are easy to drink from, twitter, hand quilting when I feel like I’m getting somewhere, my plants growing and talking to people about my 500 movies project.

Terrible sex scenes. This is an excellent article about terribly written sex. Hilarious.

More Belle and Sebastian, because I find their stuff beautiful and soothing.


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