Things I Love Thursday

jennitalula harbour bridge

Summery days road tripping around Auckland.

Delicious food, look, my trip to Auckland was awesome for many reasons but the food was definitely a contributing factor. Denso at the chocolate boutique, dinner at Tanuki’s Cave, delicious breakfasts, fancy Ebisu dinner, ice cream. It was all good.

jennitalula sunflower

Gardening success in the sun room! I have blooming sunflowers and flowering swan plant, peas and the beans are trying to climb up all the other plants. The strawberry leaves are twice the size and there’s a heap of flowers there too.

Reading. I’ve been reading a bunch of great stuff lately, sadly a bit distractable and I’m technically part way through about 7 books, but the newest one I’m loving is called Why We Broke Up and it’s by Daniel Handler, who’s better known as Lemony Snicket. It apparently has a tie in tumblr, which is pretty awesome. (Heartbreaking and funny, like the book)

Honourable Mentions: Gelato, hot sunny days, catching a legendary bird pokemon, soft blankets, cake, hugs from friends and laughing.


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