Looper (2012)

Directed by Rian Johnson
(number 284)

Rian Johnson did Brick for his first movie and I gotta say, that’s one of my favourite movies of all time (OF ALL TIME) so I was predisposed to enjoy this. Plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing and seeing him channeling Bruce Willis is epic fun. I like this movie a lot, it’s timey wimey and violent and strange and two out of three of those things are always a good time for me, but… I dunno. I’m not sure this should be in the top 500?

I mean, I’m glad for science fiction entries. But I honestly don’t think it’s a better time travel movie than the Time Traveller’s Wife, or the very indie Primer. But it is a big flashie one, with Bruce Willis in it, and it was released just in 2012 so it’s fresh in people’s minds.

It does have some very neat time travel stuff, and it’s a great twisty plot. There is incredible darkness in the film, more than you maybe expect from the trailer or from the premise, and I remember being very unnerved when I saw it at the movies, but knowing what’s going to happen makes it easier to watch.

I just thought, I should keep a track of how many Bruce Willis movies there are in this list XD I feel like I’ve watched a fair bit of him already.

Does it make me love the people? Yep. It definitely does that, in between the action and despite the horrific things Bruce Willis’s version of the lead character does. The leads all have an excellent charisma, and there’s a cleverness to how everything fits together which is also a bit heartbreaking.

Bechdel test: Nope. They do that thing where they make Emily Blunt’s character all bad ass and shotgun wielding and you think ‘aw yeah’ but in actuality she’s relegated to very conventional roles of tender mother and love interest. It’s… one of these things Hollywood does I think. Where they’re like “LOOK, SHE’S ALL BAD ASS” only she actually still needs the man to save her and she only interacts with the men and she exists to react to the males. I dunno. It’s sucky.

The only other women are a hooker and the magically perfect Chinese woman from Bruce’s looped past.

Best line: Time travel hasn’t been invented yet, but in thirty years, it will have been.

State of Mind: Still love the movie, kind of annoyed with the women characters thing.


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