Things I Love Thursday

Hearing that something I have made is a favourite thing. The things we make and give away and the people keep and rediscover, or re use or find a new use for – updates on babies with sock monkeys or quilts, saying ‘oh she loves her quilt’ or ‘he won’t sleep without the monkey you made him’. It’s such a gratifying thing to hear after spending your time making something with love.

fog and sunshine

fog and sunshine

Writing. Webstock and various other things, inspired me to get off my ass and start in on my plan. So, I’ve started editing (for the final time) my first novel: kiki. It’s going pretty well, then I’m gonna stick it up for sale on Amazon, so watch this space.

Summer! Sunshine, sting rays sunning themselves in the lagoon, ice creams, jandals, short shorts, sunglasses. It’s all good times.

My sweet girlfriend who I am super excited to see tomorrow for the weekend, but I’m especially pleased because she sent me a lovely, thoughtful Valentines Day gift and it was very much appreciated.

Honourable Mentions: Rekorderlig in the sun and beautifully cooked French chicken dinner to chase, watching Sin City on blu ray, cool water in a paddling pool, the eerie beauty of the mist, vivid dreams, the satisfaction of getting chores done and tidied up rooms.

Love Letter to Japan by the Bird and the Bee (thank you Anna, I love this one)


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