Things I Love Thursday

An incredible weekend with a wonderful girlfriend. Highlights include: breakfast at Drexel’s, high tea at Martha’s, BBQ at Uncle Mike’s, the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular, a drive in movie, watching more Veronica Mars and gah, yes, I had a wonderful (delicious food filled!) weekend.

Photos of the larp where I played a cop. I love how you can track me losing my patience with all the lying over the course of the night.

I keep remembering things about Webstock and feeling inspired all over again.

I started using handkerchiefs instead of buying tissues. I feel pretty good about this choice. Less trees killed, less rubbish created and a barely noticeable increase in my laundry.

Progress on my (final) rewrite of my first novel.

A lovely song from a terribly emo band ;p

Kaleidoscope Eyes by Panic! At the Disco

Honourable Mentions: Thursday summer markets, a week of catching up with people, being so happy I cry a little, planning for the future, making excellent lists, naps, clean fresh washing and chocolate.

Isn’t it a lovely night? ~ The Decemberists
(Look I’m completely addicted to this whole album, okay? okay.)


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